Writing a Star-up Business Plan 2

When writing a business plan for a start—up business, you must bear in mind certain points before you commit your pen to paper in writing. There is practically no third-party that will mediate with respect to funding, so create a short, 11-12 pages informal business plan to first of all convince yourself in conveying to your family and friends that the idea is feasible and financially viable for support and funding. The stress to write about your form of organization, contact information, organizational chart, graphics, and a lengthy biography are completely out of the picture, because you are writing the business plan for your self, your family and friends, but you must include and state clearly your marketing plan. More over, do not forget in a hurry the inclusion of the marketing plan, that is a short version of your biography, the financial summary in a format that will help you track your business performance, which is the important messages of what differentiate your product and services, from the competition in the open  market, the customer problem that are not already provided by the competition that you want to solve.

However, if you are seeking for bank or equity funding for a start-up, an approximate of 30-pages lengthy model of formal written business plan is required, starting with a simpler version, then expand it as your idea matures through your constant experience and information gathering from others in the field, and find a mentor to express your fears and key challenging issues with, as well as telling the potential funders to tell you too exactly what they expect you and your business to provide solution to. Provide your customers with necessary feedback channels to communicate to you about what they are looking for in a product/service to help them make informed, and timely buying decision without hindrance.

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