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Different Types of Websites


The world is gradually becoming a global village, if not a global village already according to an expert. Doing business is now very easier than before through website. You can now reach your prospective client right from the comfort of your home.

Having said that, the question is website, consider different types of websites that you can register and host, then  how can you maximize the potentials to the fullness.

To start with, your choice of  website is accessible through typing on the address bar. The term www stands for World Wide  Web. Categorically speaking, you can either have a static or dynamic website.

Names and types of websites


The Personal Website

Personal could be an individual or a company using the website to either talk about themselves(live stories), promote their products or services etc.

The Forum platform / Message Board

The platform simply allow people of the same ideas or looking for answers to their challenges online. Users are allow to sign up with their credentials, stored in the board database to enable them login and post comments to other users posts. While some stand alone, others have an  in built functionality .

The Blog

The original name for Blog was in short form ‘web log’ basically known to be an online journal for those with passion to write about themselves, pet, garden, parenting etc. It was taken as a fun to express oneself before the advent of ad sense to compensate for rich and attractive contents for advertisers to showcase their goods and services. Today millions of pro-Bloggers make money online, thanks to Blog.

The Wiki website

The ‘Wiki’ navigate between a forum and a directory, which provides information on a particular topic from group professional, mostly, and some times professors of particular discipline, grounded and know their onions. This is simply a gathering of writers who must of course play by the rule, add and edit any relevant information that bothered and attract their curiosities


The E-commerce

This is one type of websites that is making wave across the globe today. Every body is out there crossing the border, making their dollars, using only their Computer(or Laptop)  and their credit cards. Ordinarily, in a traditional commerce you have battle with language barriers etc. with e-commerce, facilitates the online trading of goods and services effortlessly. The good example of e-commerce is Amazon an\d eBay


The Social Network

This type of websites may not need too much of introduction to many, as millions of connections are already exchanging pleasantries. It is a website that acts as a centralized place for people to find and connect with other people and also the kind of brand they know and catch their fancy. On the platform, you can interact freely, though in adherence to the policy, organize events, comments on news stories, play games etc. The most popular social media platform are Facebook and Twitter

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