The Effect and Impact of Medical Technology on Health Care Services.

The changes recorded in medical technology and its availability with respect to high technology diagnostic and therapeutic equipment together with the attendant changing practice pattern of doctors will be my major focus here. There is no prolonged argument to the fact that  medical technology is important for people’s health to achieve the maximum and better quality of life needed, health wise. The approach will in turn boost the economy of the country economy under review.

It may not be out of place to lay emphasis on the fact that the current practice of medicine is UN-doubt ably dependent on the application of the health technology apparatus for effective health care delivery. The above points are provable through a clear and keen observations of Clinicians that uses wide variety of technologies to diagnose, test and asses the care of patients at their disposal.

It is also true that the medical technology is more advanced and effective today than ever before in order to match the prevailing and emerging epidemics .

Now, the demand for high technology diagnostic and therapeutic health care facilities is very high, where as the availability of the above facilities are seriously in conflict with  medical necessity, cost effectiveness  and social justice. Every day, the increase pressure on health care resources is on the rise, thereby driving more explicit and public decision on how best to use these resources effectively and efficiently too.

The irony here is  that whatever people thought, said in the past, either from research analyzed or verbal testimonies does not hold water now, because of the emerging records contained in today reality through complexity of modern technology and its high marginal cost. The trends now suggests the health care decision making favors a transition from a point  of view or a rationale based primarily on resources and opinion traceable to the rationale taken from research conducted. Therefore, to develop an adequate new health care technology emphasis should be on its potential impact, rather than bogus assumption.

What people should focus on, and ask is whether the new technology provides the necessary and adequate information that was not contained in the previous documents and then put such in the new information so that it can cure the common and other fatal diseases that may arise in future.

When you use technology to asses ailments, the physicians stand a better chance to determine which set of technologies are most apt to benefit the patient under them, then help to diagnose right and recommend a prudent course of action to be taken for rapid result. Skepticism with respect to assessment of technology, especially the adoption of new technology should be emphasized so as to create room for more rigorous approach about accepting the latest invention to help contribute to better utilization of the scarce health care resources at any given time.

Today, the cost effectiveness in medical care to help manage and tailor to suit the health sector should be done  in such a way that it can meet the demands for increased productivity, despite cuts in financial resources per say. To measure and mitigate it, parameters such as incidence and prevalence of the diseases, the cost and success of treatment, the cost and success of diagnosis, and the cost and success of preventive treatment should be keenly considered, but  a fundamental issue of health care economics  that studies conducted have not really addressed it in detail. When we want to evaluate the cost versus benefit analysis – questions yet to be answered or answered correctly could be recorded. The reason is that, it is extremely difficult to place money value on a person’s life, as can be done on product and services.

People stands to benefit from a new technology, irrespective of certain level of risk associated with it, in form of process innovation or product and services  so it can help economy move smoothly.


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