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Are we not forgetting something here? Yes I remember-Leadership.  As we proceed, I’ll treat how  with self-mastery, self-control and will power leaders can lead successfully with less stress. Now lets go:

The term leadership was coined from the word leader. Simply put a person that leads. Majorly, we Charismatic leaders with their styles of leadership. The one considered to be the best style of leadership according to research that function well, and equipped with  managerial skill was Transformational-(Transactional)  leaders which have their own styles of leadership too.

However, leadership is much more deeper in terms of illustration and practical application of the mode and style to achieve the set goal. Obviously, there are three basic identified elements of the above definition-The first is the leaders personality, secondly, the behaviors of a leader, and thirdly the situational context of leaders and leadership under review

Characteristics of a Transformational leader

The Transformational-transactional leader controls the lives the followers through directing his or her power need in a pro-social manner, Read more

Characteristics of Charismatic leaders

For the real characteristics of charismatic leaders is traceable to their effort to create charismatic feeling in the minds of mind of their followers. Read more

Characteristics of Transformational Followers

Transformational Followers are self confident, able to function at a higher level of power need development in an organization. Read more

Comparative analysis of Leadership and Gender

The study of was conducted on comparative analysis between Men and Women with reference to leadership differences. Those who were part of the research study were all CEOs or Senior executives of mid-sized corporation. Read more


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