Introduction to Technology

When I talk about Technology, am referring to the ones you may have read either from a professional published books or from the internet as well. But for the benefit of those that claim ignorant of it, and for the purpose of this articles, I simply defined technology as the outcome of advanced and in-depth research  work in the application of scientific knowledge acquired to help humanity for practical purposes to deal head long the creation and the use of technical means that bothers on environment, and the society at large. The use of technology to improve on the old traditional way of doing things could be traced, but limited to pure science, applied science, engineering, industrial arts and many more.

Areas where technology is made manifest includes that e-mail that you use, your website, if you have  any. The server that made it possible for your website view able to the world to read your message or information is made possible through technology. The Camera you use are made possible through the help of technology.We have Panasonic HC-V180K, GoPro Hero5 Black, Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder etc. What about that your Plasma Television, the signal that transmits those graphics, both moveable and UN-moveable are all technology in action. How do you peer your computers through Wide Area Network(WAN), Metropolitan Area Network(MAN) and Local Area Network(LAN)? They are clear and the outcome of advanced research work over time. Are you an affiliate, most of the digital products you promote are hard ware technology. Especially the COMPUTERS and mobile phones among others.

However, My major concern for now is on the effect and impact of Medical Technology on health Care Services.

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