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Family life is still very much my focus, because the topic, whatever we are reading here may not be complete. Obviously speaking, Marriage where family evolved  is an act of long-term loving relationship , characterized by sound self-discipline character and matured mind and personality.

The good book described marriage as the coming together of a man and a woman  of different upbringing and orientation. Two half, say to say, with different characters and qualities, that when properly combined for marriage purposes will achieve completeness  with expected harmony and balance that the maturity demands legitimately.

Some time I wondered why some people did what they did or are still doing such. May be it was there curiosity or extreme experimentation quest for happiness or avoid boredom that let people go into possible unjustifiable reasons to have sex with animals or dolls(Technology) rather  than human being opposite sex . It still beats my imagination, and am still researching.

Family and Relationship

It is almost impossible to talk about immediate family without talking about marriage. To get married,  its obvious to enter into a long-term loving relationship as a sign to measuring the character and personality. Your ability through self-discipline to absorb family pressures and stress go a long way to demonstrating your capacity to raise our own family. Read more

Any Hope to live a Happy Married life?

Fortunately enough, the answer is yes, you can. First and foremost, be sure to be compatible with your partner. This is a situation where both parties are ideally balanced with each other, with each one possessing complementary qualities and characteristics which combine comfortably to forma perfect balance in the union. Let me talk a bit on temperament. Read more

Real Love is the King

It is important to captioned the topic this way , because study revealed that everything we do in life is either to get love, or to compensate for ‘lack of love.’  I read where psychologists generally agree that the cause of personality  problems in adult life can be traced back to ‘love withheld’ in infancy and childhood, honestly speaking, and confirmed. Read more

The Role of Understanding and Tolerance

People are different in nature and disposition. The individuality with unique and special characteristics that makes him or her different or stand out from all other people is pronounced vividly. We all have different tastes, desires, ideas, dreams, hopes, expectations and preferences in life. Each one of us see differently with the world around us through our experiences and developed different ways that we are comfortable with. Read more

How to communicate in relationship

Both in characteristics and other obvious features, gender with regards to how they react to issues or situations and new development are very different in application. Precisely, research findings revealed that men communicate with the use of only two centers of their brains to pass assimilates and pass messages. Read more

Efforts required to rebuild relationship

Based on earlier explained obvious differences between men and women, a lot of effort through self-discipline and self-control is required to build and maintain a long term, loving and happy relationship and marriage.  Read more

The Essence of Feedback  in Relationship and Marriage

Now that you’ve listened and asked questions for clarification, the next is how the feedback mechanism helps to reposition the union. Feedback proves and demonstrate to the other person that you are genuinely paying attention to what he or she said. Read more

Giving Total Commitment in relationship and Marriage

Like as I have said before, if you’ve ever seen relationship and marriage that stood the test of tough time, the secret behind such is nothing, but total commitment to each other. Love and marriage blossoms and flourish when there is total commitment. Read more

Why Listening in relationship and Marriage is Important

When both parties or  couples listen attentively, and without interruption through communication channels, such that keen and serious attention is given to the other person as if a great and benefiting secret is about to be revealed or come out of your partner’s mouth, as you pose to assimilate them all, then great concern is assumed to have taken place. Read more

Carefulness with opposite sex outside your union is essential and necessary

The more you treat partner as the best of your best friends, the better, and the less you are exposed to highly sexualized society where, unfortunately  people can have sex with opposite sex, regardless of whether they married or not for lack of high sense of self-discipline and self-control. Read more

Why Men and Women cheat in Relationships and Marriages

There is no good reason for cheating, however,  certain factors could be responsible for man or woman to cheat in relationship. There is no doubt that keeping and maintaining happy relationship devoid of infidelity(cheating) demands high sense of responsibility that if time is taken carefully to relax, ponder and address headlong, especially when you must have had it up to your neck, you would wish to be relief of such a time of terrible gridlock so that each partner go to his and her separate ways. Read more


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