14 Jun


Family life is still very much my focus, because the topic, whatever we are reading here may not be complete. Obviously speaking, Marriage where family evolved  is an act of long-term loving relationship , characterized by sound self-discipline character and matured mind and personality.

The good book described marriage as the coming together of a man and a woman  of different upbringing and orientation. Two half, say to say, with different characters and qualities, that when properly combined for marriage purposes will achieve completeness  with expected harmony and balance that the maturity demands legitimately.

Some time I wondered why some people did what they did or are still doing such. May be it was there curiosity or extreme experimentation quest for happiness or avoid boredom that let people go into possible unjustifiable reasons to have sex with animals or dolls(Technology) rather  than human being opposite sex . It still beats my imagination, and am still researching.

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