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What constitutes a good idea for entrepreneur

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Can you boast of marketable ideas that have not been covered by other people in the areas of business module you have in mind already? Read more

Why an entrepreneur need a Business plan for

It is the dream of every entrepreneur or business conscious person to launch a business, grow the business, or on the other hand start a nonprofit organization.

The question is which type do you have in mind or where your team can function very well. You may have all working well for you as a mid-level employee of an establishment, but you want to be your own boss, you are tired of being boss around by another person. Read more

What is business plan

Business plan is mostly considered by professionals  as a formal document that contains five key elements of business modules: Read more

Do you hope to an Entrepreneur when you just leave your high school  or university? For you to work for people is no, no for answer to confronting questions. You want to lay your hands on any business or skill of your dream, make your mistake and learn from it. You being bossed  around by people.  Alternatively, you are the type that wants to be tutored, taught a skill or trade. You want to have a mentor, get skilled by your mentor , learn from your mentor’s mistakes and take a cue from him or her so that you don’t make such mistake in future.

How to be a life time entrepreneur: 

Traditionally speaking, businesses have been striving for decades, especially home business to be specific. Read more

Start with Decision in life: Your decision life will go along way to give a clue on what your passion really is in life. Read more

Combination of passion and business:

It is sometime normal to have your passion with your choice business interwoven together. Read more

Make money through your passion:

There is nothing wrong making money out of your passion. It is one of the legitimate ways of making money. Read more

Checking your passion and business conflict

Any valuable ideas should match your overall goal in life in conjunction with your found passion. Read more

Check if your Idea is marketable

It is one thing to have an idea, then another thing for your generated idea is marketable. Read more

Put your business online

We now live in jet and technology advancement where business need website and email list service on internet you can hire or purchase a package at an affordable price. If you want to venture into e-commerce website, Read more

Have your business plan intact and create relaxation time:

Your business plan should include all the details marketing, financials, products and services in accordance to the kind of passion you want. Read more


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