Characteristics of Transformational Followers 2

Transformational Followers are self confident, able to function at a higher level of power need development in an organization. They have orientation towards the pro-social rather than the personalized use of power through the use and expansion of  their vision for the organization thereby increase their level of cognitive capability which help them understands through enacting more complicated cause-and-effect chains that result in desired outcome periodically.

The transformation of transforming followers are made possible by the transforming will power of the leader in charge of their mentoring process- through the process, either complex or difficult, but the transformational leader  pay the price to make it happen. They achieve this by constructing learning opportunities at their disposal. It is this sacrifice and effort of the leader that boost the process of emblements of the followers  to help develop the needed self-confidence, and the pro-social power orientation and the correspondent skills to apply it, in extension, their cognitive capabilities as earlier stated.

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