14 Jun


In the course of my writing this topic, I did research about people that were very specific about what they wanted, worked towards it, paid the price and achieved it. That person was Henry Ford, an Automobile guru of his time.

Henry Ford was born on  30th  July, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. His father was a farmer and as a result wouldn’t see reason for his son to continue schooling, concluded that he would be more useful on the farm work. However, Ford had a very practical mechanical and engineering knowledge in automobile with which he per-occupied himself and practiced  in a small workshop that his father had given him permission to set up in a shed on the family farm at that time. It was curiosity that took him to automotive transportation, and the rest was history. If you read about this Man, you’ll agree with me that Henry became rich in his time, and was counted among the rich people.


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