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Automobile donation and the Charity Organization

Automobile donation which is described as the practice of giving away of no-longer wanted automobile generally to registered charitable organization, recently have being making waves across the globe, especially in United State of America, U.S.A. and United Kingdom is my focus. Perhaps, the major reason behind the trends is the fact some cars given out as a donation ended up being processed through auto companies. I will like to attack and ague it in the angle of tax benefit and where some charitable organization take advantage of that to maximize the scheme, because the processing company usually take a percentage of sale value of the car, where these programs allow charity organization operates without their own facilities or staff which is an added advantage.

Automobile donation is good and prominent, especially in the developed country where the interest of the poor and the less privileged ones get and charity homes succor with respect to donation generally. As the  name implies, vehicle donation programs are majorly raising funds to help create an important source of revenue for a number of charities. However, the role of third-party agents associated to the scheme has brought several questions among the donors and the general populace.


The amount of proceeds arising from vehicle donation to charities with reference to tax authorities concern and reactions to whether taxpayers know enough about donating their vehicles, and are claiming appropriate tax deductions in their tax computation.  They claimed that the number of charities with vehicle donation programs and the number of taxpayers claiming deductions for vehicle donations are not making any economic sense to them. They faulted the vehicle donation process and also the proceeds relieved by charities from vehicle donations in compared to what donors claim for vehicle donation deductions is very worrisome and needed to be reviewed.

Henry Ford and Automobile

In the course of my writing this topic, I did research about people that were very specific about what they wanted, worked towards it, paid the price and achieved it. That person was Henry Ford, an Automobile guru of his time.

Henry Ford was born on  30th  July, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. His father was a farmer and as a result wouldn’t see reason for his son to continue schooling, concluded that he would be more useful on the farm work. However, Ford had a very practical mechanical and engineering knowledge in automobile with which he per-occupied himself and practiced  in a small workshop that his father had given him permission to set up in a shed on the family farm at that time. It was curiosity that took him to automotive transportation, and the rest was history. If you read about this Man, you’ll agree with me that Henry became rich in his time, and was counted among the rich people.


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